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About Us

Renewable energy and carbon markets expertise

ITP Renewables is an established renewable energy consulting company, working on projects of all sizes for governments, corporations, aid agencies and energy providers.

Since opening our Canberra head-office in Australia in 2003 we have expanded into New South Wales, South Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the wider ITP Energised Group, we draw on more than three decades of experience delivering thousands of renewable energy projects around the globe. Within the Group, ITP Renewables leads work in the Australian and Asia / Pacific region and works globally with our Group partners.

Our Australian and New Zealand team offers unrivalled expertise in renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy markets, including:

  • engineering design and project management
  • research, development and implementation
  • managing and reviewing government incentive programs
  • high level policy analysis.

We work with you to ensure you make the most informed decisions about the feasibility of your project and strategy based on our thorough understanding of the technical, environmental and financial implications of all types of renewable energy technology.

Why work with us?

  • You receive independent, reliable advice from the experts.
  • You stay ahead of the latest developments, thanks to our knowledge of emerging technologies, from solar to storage and ocean technology.
  • You gain insights into the broader implications of energy policies—we are aware of the implications because we help to shape the policies.
  • You can rely on our specialised expertise in meeting the needs of developing nations, including large-scale and small-scale off-grid and grid-connected energy systems.