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Our People

Pioneers in renewable energy research and technology

Our team includes experts and specialist engineers who advise local policy makers and work together to advise you and to provide unique insights into the opportunities, challenges and risks involved in your project.

Simon Franklin

ITP Renewables Managing Director

Simon Franklin old web photo B&WSimon has over 10 years’ experience in the Australian energy sector. He has worked on large and commercial scale grid-connected photovoltaic PV systems, hybrid off-grid power stations, financial modelling, energy efficiency audits and PV system performance modelling.Simon is an experienced project manager and has a strong background in renewable energy, with a Bachelor of Engineering (1st Class Honours) and Bachelor of Information Technology from the Australian National University.Before joining ITP Renewables, Simon was an Electrical Engineer with Connell Wagner (Aurecon) where he undertook project management, electrical design and risk management work on rail infrastructure and defence projects. Simon has also worked with the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies, investigating the feasibility of carbon capture and storage technologies.

Simon is a former Director of the Australian Solar Council (ASC), previously the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES).

Muriel Watt

Head – Energy Policy & PV

Muriel Watt old web photo B&WMuriel is highly regarded internationally for her expertise in solar and energy policy. She has worked with government agencies, universities and industry in the areas of renewable energy development, policy and application since 1980.

Significant past appointments include Associate Professor, School of PV and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of NSW, Chair of the Australian PV Institute, Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society, Chair of the Policy Group for the Australian CRC for Renewable Energy, Australian Executive Committee member on the IEA PV Power Systems (PVPS) Implementing Agreement, member of the Australian Solar Institute Research Advisory Committee and member of the Solar Flagship Education Infrastructure Fund Advisory Board.

Current appointments include member of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency Advisory Panel and Director of Zero Emissions Byron.

Keith Lovegrove

Head – Solar Thermal / Managing Director of ITP Thermal Pty Limited 

Keith Lovegrove old web photo B&WKeith is a leading expert in concentrating solar power (CSP) and has more than 20 years’ experience in leading solar thermal research, including 15 years teaching at the ANU as leader of the Solar Thermal Group.A major achievement was leading the design and construction of the largest concentrating solar dish in the world (500m2) in 2010.Keith has won a number of prestigious research awards, was a Member of the Australian Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council working group on Energy Water Carbon intersections, has advised the Australian Office of Chief Scientist on Solar Thermal Power and edited the 2012 book, Concentrating Solar Power Technology – Principles, Developments and Applications.

Keith has spoken extensively around the world at conferences and in the media on Concentrating Solar and related topics. He has held board positions in the ANZ Solar Energy Society, and been a key contributor to the International Energy Agency SolarPACES program.

Simon Troman

Manager, Kiritimati Island Energy Sector Program

Simon TromanSimon is the manager of the Kiritimati Island Energy Supply Program (KIESP), and divides his time between our Canberra office and Kiritimati. Before managing the KIESP, Simon was our Managing Director, guiding our company through several years of sustained growth throughout the region.Simon previously managed the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program for the Australian Greenhouse Office, and worked as a Field Projects Manager with the CSIRO.Simon’s comprehensive experience in the renewable energy field includes hands-on construction, development and research work, through to government programs and aid projects.

His renewable energy career began in Tasmania in the 1980s, and has taken him to Africa, India, Japan and throughout Australia and the Pacific region. Simon was the Chair of the Ocean Energy Industry Association and on the boards of AuSES and Frontier Solar. He is also a board member for both commercial and not-for-profit entities outside the renewable energy sector.

Oliver Woldring

Strategic Advisory Group Manager

Woldring B&WOliver is an experienced climate and energy policy consultant with particular expertise in the design and implementation of emissions trading and renewable energy policies. His knowledge and experience extends to domestic and international climate change policy, financial benefit-cost analysis, and sustainable development.Oliver works on strategic advisory assignments for our Australian and international clients, particularly in the Pacific region.He previously held a range of government, non-government organisation and private sector roles in Australia and the United States. For example, Oliver was a key participant in the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee process that negotiated Australia’s 2012 Clean Energy Future package, which included the emissions trading scheme, Climate Change Authority, Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Rob Passey

Senior Consultant

Rob Passey old web photo B&W 2Rob’s policy research and analysis focus includes renewable energy, distributed generation, energy efficiency and emissions trading.He is especially interested in developing market mechanisms to reduce greenhouse emissions, increase uptake of low emission technologies and drive energy efficiency. In addition, Rob is researching areas such as smart grids, electric vehicles, and technical assessments of low emissions technologies.As well as his senior consulting role with ITP Renewables, Rob is also a Senior Research Associate with the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (UNSW).

Joe Wyder

Projects Manager

JW1 B&WJoe manages a range of our energy policy, feasibility studies and deployment projects.His experience includes work on renewable energy generation and energy efficiency projects in remote locations in Australia and the Pacific.Joe has extensive experience in the renewable energy field, covering research, modelling, economics and integration with diesel mini-grids. This includes working within the Australian Government on energy market reform, the development of the Renewable Energy Target, and designing and delivering renewable energy programs and assessing proposals. Joe has also completed a secondment to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, assisting with knowledge sharing for the Regional Australia’s Renewables program.Before completing his Postgraduate Energy Studies, Joe worked as a Civil Engineer on road and rail infrastructure projects.

Graham Henricksen

Manager, New Zealand Operations

Graham Henricksen old web photo B&WGraham is an experienced relationship-focused project manager who draws on more than 25 years of leadership and project management experience in a range of technical and non-technical disciplines.Graham provides added value to many of our clients through his experience and practice in relationship and stakeholder management.Prior to joining ITP Renewables, Graham was a senior project manager with Opus International Consultants where he led a number of multi-disciplinary and multi-consultancy projects in the infrastructure, property and renewable energy sectors.

Ben Elliston

Senior Consultant

en_Elliston-grayscaleBen Elliston is a Senior Consultant at IT Power Australia. He has a diverse background in renewable energy and computer engineering having turned to renewable energy mid-career. Prior to 2010, he worked in private computer companies in Australia and the USA developing operating systems and related software for high-performance computers. He has particular expertise in developing techno-economic models and other analytical tools. His PhD thesis, completed at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets at UNSW modelled future scenarios of the Australian National Electricity Market with high shares of renewable energy using a model which is now open source software. He has a broad interest in the renewable energy field including energy economics, grid integration of renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric vehicles and sustainable buildings. He is a member of the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG), the International Solar Energy Society and the Australian Passive House Association.