CER Inspections

Clean Energy Regulator’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme Inspections

Every year the federal government’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) arranges inspections of solar PV systems across Australia.

The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that PV system installers are doing a good job and meeting all the applicable Australian Standards, industry guidelines and any State/Territory and local government requirements.

The Clean Energy Regulator has commissioned ITP Renewables to manage this process. Our role includes:

  • conducting inspections through our Australia-wide network of qualified electricians and solar installers
  • receiving comments from installers, designers and agents
  • submitting the final report to the CER for action, review and dissemination to relevant stakeholders.

A detailed outline of the responsibilities of ITP Renewables and the inspection process is outlined in the diagram below:

Website flow chart ITP Colour

If you have received a letter from ITP Renewables regarding an inspection of a solar PV system at your property, or you have received a letter as a registered agent, installer or designer of a PV system and you would like to know more about the inspections program, please find further details below. If you wish to contact ITP Renewables regarding booking in a time for your inspection or with comments on the result of an inspection, feel free to contact our friendly inspections team via email at inspections@itpau.com.au or by phone on (02) 6257 3511.

For further information about the CER solar PV inspections program ITP Renewables is conducting, please see our Information for system Owners and Information for Agents and Installers pages.

For more information, also look at the Clean Energy Regulator’s website.