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Nauru Energy Road Map Review

For this UNDP assignment, ITP Renewables undertook three consultation missions in Nauru to:
  • Review the Nauru Energy Road Map 2014 - 2020,
  • Draft an updated Nauru Energy Road Map 2018 to 2020, and
  • Undertake a Legislative Gap Analysis for the energy sector.
Nauru is one of the world’s smallest countries and it faces economic, environmental and social challenges. The Nauru Utilities Corporation consumes more than 9 million litres of diesel per year to provide electricity and water. This is forecast to increase after a new 11kV line is built through the centre of the island in 2018 to connect loads that currently self-generate. The Nauru Energy Road Map (NERM) outlines strategies and Activities in six key areas, power, petroleum, renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport and capacity building. ITP consulted with a wide range of stakeholders on the implementation of Activities in the 2014 NERM. A workshop was held to facilitate input for the updated NERM and to improve its monitoring and evaluation plan. It is planned to publish the updated NERM on the Pacific Regional Depository website in the first half of 2018. The Legislative Gap Analysis Report included reviewing legislation and regulations relevant to the energy sector, identifying gaps and prioritising recommendations.

National Arboretum Canberra Off-Grid Photovoltaic System

The iconic National Arboretum in Canberra features 94 forests of rare, endangered and symbolic trees from around the world. Tens of thousands of trees grow across the 250 hectare site, making it one of the world's largest living collections of rare, endangered and significant trees.

Although in the heart of the city, extending the electricity grid to the Arboretum’s works depot was expensive compared to an off-grid system, so ITP Renewables was commissioned to design, supply, install and commission a solar and battery system more typically associated with remote locations. The system comprises of:

  • 30 kWp solar PV system is mounted on two carport structures with six PV inverters
  • An 80 kWh lithium-ion battery with three off-grid inverters housed in a 20-foot shipping container
  • a 10 kW diesel generator to provide back-up power for up to 1% of the year
  • performance monitoring, logging and visualisation

Additional benefits are 24 hour power to the site, a quiet work yard with the removal of the daytime generator and significant cost savings on diesel. The system was opened by Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA, Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability.

ITP Renewables’ Frontier Fund shortlisted by the Green Climate Fund

  Out of 360 proposals submitted globally in August 2017, ITP Renewables' Frontier Fund has been shortlisted for consideration by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Executive.  The Frontier Fund is the only proposal shortlisted by the GCF that focuses exclusively on the Pacific islands.  The Frontier Fund is designed as a long-term fund (20+ years) to work closely and flexibly with Pacific island energy companies and government organisations to develop reliable and affordable renewable energy and energy infrastructure solutions for the long-term benefit of the people of the Pacific, reducing their significant dependence on expensive oil imports and reducing CO2 emissions. The official shortlist is available here.  

New ITP staff positions

ITP Renewables is seeking two electrical design engineers a CAD specialist and an energy system modeller to join the team early next year. For more details on the positions see the overview descriptions here and the links to the profiles.    

ITP Renewables wins two prizes at ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards

ACT 2017 Export AwardsITP is proud and humbled to have taken out awards in two categories at the Chief Minister’s Export Awards, held at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra on Wednesday the 27th of September. Our expertise in exporting knowledge and skills through projects in the Pacific, Africa, India and elsewhere comes off the back of a decade of hard work by the ITP team and our incredible partners in the many countries in which we work. The two categories we won were: Minerals, Energy & Related Services Award, sponsored by Austrade, and Environmental Services, sponsored by the ANU College of Business and Economics. For more detail, please visit the Export Awards' website, and check out their video here.

Comparison of Dispatchable Renewable Energy Options

2008_03_05_LasVegas 008 smallWe are delighted to have been recently commissioned by ARENA to examine the various options for providing dispatchable renewable electricity generation. Supported by the Institute of Sustainable Futures and ITK Consulting, we will examine individual technologies and combinations to classify their characteristics, appropriate uses, costs and cost dependencies in a transparent and consistent way, so that the full range of options available to Australia is clearly enunciated. Click here for more detail.  

Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program

ITP Renewables is delighted to have been commissioned by Endeavour Energy to deliver the Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program.  This Program is a community initiative that will help address the challenges associated with peak energy demand, whilst saving consumers money through the provision of more effective and efficient energy usage solutions. The economic feasibility of installing a residential energy storage system has markedly improved, with continued battery technology improvements and increased economies of scale driving battery prices lower.  The Endeavour Energy SolarSaver Program makes batteries a more financially attractive option for consumers, by allowing selected homes with existing solar systems to install battery storage systems at a significantly subsidised cost. Distributed small-scale battery banks also have broader community benefits, by helping to address the challenges of ‘peak demand’.  Cutting demand on over-loaded parts of the electricity network during peak usage periods ensures this Program will reduce the need for future investment in electricity network infrastructure, saving everybody money.  This is one of the key objectives of the Program. Click here for more information.

ITP Renewables assists with clean energy strategies for business

In March 2017, ITP was chosen as the provider of expert advisory services to one of the 20 selected businesses participating in the NSW Clean Energy Strategies for Business program. Under the program, select businesses are supported by the NSW Government (Department of Industry and Office of Environment and Heritage) to work with expert advisers to collaboratively identify possible measures to achieve 100 per cent renewable energy or an emissions reduction target. The program is part of NSW Government’s objective for net zero emissions by 2050 and in recognition that businesses have a driving role in the achievement of that goal. Under the program, completed in June 2017, ITP assisted the Australian group of an international corporation with strategies to meet their ambitious global target for renewable energy to wholly offset energy use at their manufacturing site in NSW.

Maximising local benefits of renewable energy in the Byron region

ITP Renewables has recently undertaken work for Zero Emissions Byron, which has a stated aim of reaching zero emissions (and 100% renewable electricity) by 2025.
Modelling was used to optimise for least-cost through scenario analysis of likely options. This produced charts such as the following for a 100% renewable electricity outcome, which highlights the major role for solar in the Byron region. For more information read the project summary.

Supply-demand balance Byron Shire graph