Affordable battery storage will make solar power accessible to a much larger group of households.

In Australia, the ACT is leading the charge. The territory government is supporting the rollout of energy storage to around 5,000 Canberra homes and businesses by 2020. This is one of the largest rollouts of household batteries in the world. The government will collect valuable real-world data on energy storage system costs and performance. They’ll use the data to make sure consumers get the best outcomes and to encourage more people to generate and store their own solar energy.

If you install an ITP NextGen package, you’ll be participating in this important research that will speed up the transition to renewable energy both locally and globally.

How can I get a grant?

If you live in the ACT, you can take advantage of the Next Generation Energy Storage Grants Program to get a rebate on the upfront costs of your solar power and battery system.

ITP Home Energy, part of ITP Renewables, is one of the few businesses selected by the ACT government to bring this program to householders.

For more information visit the ITP Home Energy website.