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Renewable energy research & reports

ITP Renewables specialises in producing detailed market and technology reports for policy makers, associations and businesses. Our reports are informed by some of Australia’s leading experts and are highly regarded for their thorough technical analysis, accuracy and independent outlook.

You can read some of our public domain reports by following the links below:

Report on renewable energy options for Australian industrial gas users

ARENA ReportIn 2015, we led a group commissioned by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to investigate Renewable energy options for Australian industrial gas users. The project included:
              • an assessment of the current gas market in Australia
              • a technical assessment of the existing renewable technologies which could substitute gas use for heat generation in Australian industry
              • an economic assessment of gas substitution with renewable heat in Australian industry.
This work led to the publication of a Summary Report, detailed Technical Report and Financial Analysis Tool on the ARENA website. If you are interested in discussing the report findings please email your topic and contact details to: info@itpau.com.au ARENA has been promoting these publications at Renewables for Industrial Processes – Industry Workshops and has published the presentations from these workshops.

Tokelau Renewable Energy Project – Case Study

TREP case study thumbnailIn 2013 ITP Renewables was commissioned by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs to undertake a case study of the three Tokelau PV/diesel mini-grids. The study provides a technical overview of the systems' design and how they were built, along with challenges that the construction team faced and how they were overcome. The report also gives a cost breakdown for the project, which will help future project planners in estimating the cost of a similar project in a remote island environment. Finally, the performance to date of the systems is analyzed, and shows that the system is performing as expected for the cloudy months of the year. You can read a copy of the final report.

Concentrating Solar Power Technology

Concentrating-solar-power-technologyFrom the publisher, Woodhead Publishing: “Concentrating solar power (CSP) technology is poised to take its place as one of the major contributors to the future clean energy mix. Using straightforward manufacturing processes, CSP technology capitalises on conventional power generation cycles, whilst cost effectively matching supply and demand though the integration of thermal energy storage”. Concentrating solar power technology provides a comprehensive review of this exciting technology, from the fundamental science to systems design, development and applications. Our Head of ITP Solar Thermal, Dr Keith Lovegrove, edited this important reference book in CSP technology. You can download a copy of it from Woodhead Publishing.

Realising the Potential of Concentrating Solar Power in Australia

CSP in Aus Publication thumbnailIn 2012 the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) commissioned ITP Renewables to undertake a review of the potential for concentrating solar power in Australia. After extensive stakeholder consultation, including a series of workshops with participants from industry, research and government, the resulting report and summary for stakeholders are now available. You can download a copy of ITP Renewable’s CSP in Australia Summary Report or Full Report.

Concentrating Solar Power in India

CSP India Publication thumbnailIn 2011 ITP Renewables produced a report for the Australian Department of the Environment (formerly the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency) and the Government of India. The report analysed the context, barriers and policy options for the growth of the Concentrating Solar Power in India. The document was written for use by policy makers and government staff in Australia and India, but is also of interest to the general public, CSP developers and investors. Read the CSP in India report.

Addressing Grid-interconnection Issues with Variable Renewable Energy Sources

APEC Publication ThumbnailIn 2010 ITP Renewables produced a report for the Asia-Pacific Economic Coorperation (APEC) Energy Working Group that characterises the main issues with grid integration of stochastic and partially predictable renewable energy technologies. The report reviews the approaches currently being used to address these issues including research and development activities. It identifies best practices, and outlines future research and development activities that may be required to fully integrate distributed generation into 21st century electricity networks. Finally, it discusses the factors that influence the potential for applying best practices throughout the APEC region. You can read the summary report.