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Battery Storage

Risk management for variable energy sources

We are closely involved in the emerging energy storage market, and provide expert advice on energy storage technologies.

We can design, specify and install an effective energy storage system to meet your demand and usage requirements.

Energy storage is becoming increasingly popular because solar PV does not produce electricity when it is needed at night, and both wind and PV can drop out at a moment’s notice. With the increasing use of these variable generation sources, the challenge for network operators and individual customers is to find a reliable storage solution.

Energy storage works at two levels to minimise the risk of power disruption. In the event of a sudden loss of power, energy storage can stabilise voltage and frequency until thermal generators come online. On a larger scale it can also be used to capture excess generation from renewable sources and shift this output to periods of high demand, to secure higher value from the electricity market.

We are conducting a lithium-ion battery trial, funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The trial involves independent testing and analysis of the performance of six lithium-Ion batteries against a lead acid battery and an advanced lead acid battery under typical Australian operating conditions.

Our recent energy storage projects include:

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