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Solar Thermal

A proven and available renewable energy source

We provide independent CSP system advice from some of the leading experts in this field. From in-depth market analysis and policy advice to concept and detailed system designs, we can help you structure your CSP project and get it moving.

As part of a future energy portfolio, CSP systems provide:

Dispatchable energy supply CSP with storage has the capability to dispatch electricity in the range of baseload to peaking power, an essential complement to variable renewable sources.
Lower emission conventional power plants CSP can be efficiently integrated into existing and new coal and gas power plants to reduce emissions and extend plant life for a least-cost transition to a low-emission energy future.
Emission reduction 10 GW of capacity would reduce Australia’s emissions by roughly 30 megatonnes (Mt) CO2 per year, about 15% of current electricity sector emissions.
Clean energy sector growth Australia has world-leading solar resources, and CSP would allow us to claim a significant place in the global clean energy supply chain. Delaying action could see that opportunity missed.
Community-supported generation CSP is low-impact, with limited land and water needs. Every 100 MW system would also create around 500 job years during construction and 20 jobs during operation, mostly in regional areas.
Potential for future solar fuels Emerging technology will convert solar energy to liquid fuels, supplied at scale to both domestic and export markets.

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