Eyre Peninsula Microgrid Feasibility Studies and Screening Tool

The Eyre Peninsula is the western-most part of the national electricity grid. The Fringe-of-Grid Futures South Australian Eyre Peninsula project was awarded $1.08 million from the Federal Government Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund in December 2021 to examine the potential for the electricity distribution network on the Eyre Peninsula to transition to renewable energy microgrids.


The project undertaken by ITP Renewables (ITP), SA Power Networks (SAPN), Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) and UniSA, aims to implement two main activities in collaboration with communities in the region:

  • Assessing the feasibility of islanded microgrids at various scales at three locations on the Eyre Peninsula.
  • The development of a microgrid screening tool, in parallel with the first activity, to identify the optimal, least-cost mix of grid connection and islanded microgrids in 2020-25, 2025-30 and 2030-35, to align with each of SAPN’s revenue determination periods. This will help to indicate where and when SAPN could consider backing-up or decommissioning existing network assets. Results of the individual microgrid studies will be used to inform the model and validate the results.

The project commenced at the end of 2021.

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